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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the WORK IN MIYAGI homepage!

In order to support international students in finding jobs at companies in Miyagi Prefecture, we are implementing a project to support the matching of international students with companies in Miyagi by promoting the appeal of both international students and companies within the prefecture and creating opportunities to network with each other.

We will develop various projects such as seminars and networking opportunities so that as many international students as possible in the prefecture can find employment at companies in the prefecture and play an active role, which will lead to the growth of the companies, the advancement of their businesses, and eventually the revitalization of industries in the prefecture.

The WORK IN MIYAGI website was established as a part of this project.
You can apply for participation in upcoming joint corporate information sessions, company tours, and social events, stream seminar videos, and register with the human resources bank and company bank.
We hope you will visit the site often. Please visit this page as often as possible to make the most of it.

In addition, WORK TO YOU, a consultation service for companies, has been set up at the headquarters of Toyo Work Co.
We will provide necessary support to companies, utilizing foreign professionals to recruitment, training, and retention.
Please take advantage of this service as well.

International students and companies in the prefecture,
with this project, let’s work together to build a vibrant Miyagi Prefecture.



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